Apple – OS X Yosemite very slow

If you wondering what to do if your macbook after update from OS X Mavericks to OS X Yosemite is VERY SLOW, the answer is simple – buy new MacBook or upgrade hardware (not sure if it works).

We did research in company who has many 2011-2012 Macbooks with 2.8 GHz Intel Core i7, 4GB or 8GB memory. The result was very disappointing, all the computers after update to Yosemite were very slow. We had to think about fast solution, we tried to do some tricks with turning off some Yosemite graphic features, but after 2 weeks trying we noticed, that our team losing time when works with slow macs. We had three choices – to buy new computers, some extra hardware or to reinstall all the computers to Old OS X version – Snow Leopard.

We chose the cheapest – reinstall company’s Macbooks. The result was stunning, after two weeks SLOW work, everyone were so happy about fast working computers.

So, if your mac released until 2012 and your computer’s specifications are less than we mentioned – don’t install Yosemite. Stay with Mavericks, or Snow Leopard.

With Mavericks or Snow Leopard you will have some troubles with newest software from Apple, but it’s better to have fast computer, than all the time to look at spinning rainbow circle.

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What to do if you get cold?

After hot summer comes Autumn with Winter and they bring us rain, snow, cold weather, up and down temperature. With this, our body have to fight against illness and most of us catch some bacteria, get cold, and to fight against illness we usually take medicine.

But what to do if you don’t want to use medicine, don’t like doctors and want to treat yourself healthy?

Here we have some main healthy medicine you should use if you get cold:

1) Ginger.

2) Lemon

3) Garlic

5) Hot water, tea

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How to heat your home more efficient and to save heating bills?

When it’s cold outside we start thinking about the bills for the heating. If the walls, floors and windows in your flat or house are in good condition, we have to make our radiators to heat more efficient.

There is a solution how your radiators can make more heat. Just put special Heat Reflector Foil under your radiator. You can heat up to 60% more efficient if you use Heat Reflector Foil for each radiator.

You can buy heat reflector foil at any local store. You can ask for “heat reflector” or “foil under radiator”. The price should be around 2 usd (or 1,5 eur) for one peace of heat reflector, its around 100cmx70cm measurements. Yes, it’s very cheap.

Unexpected iPhone 5 warranty surprise from Apple

I wrote in the last my post on <<CAN’T HEAR ME ON VOICE CALL (IPHONE 5)>> about my iPhone’s problem with the voice calls. First of all i tried to find solutions and to fix it by myself, but after all i brought my iPhone 5 to warranty service.

After 10 days waiting, i’ve got an answer from the service that my phone won’t be fixed and i will get a brand new telephone from Apple.

I didn’t expected this, but from other side it is really good decision from Apple, because in 1,5 years time my telephone doesn’t look nice, scratched and looked ugly. When you pay 1000$ for telephone you expect that it will be good at all positions.

So again, thanks for Apple for great news and brand new telephone iPhone 5!

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How many grams of protein are in one chicken breast?

Usually, one chicken breast weighs 200 grams, so in one chicken breast there are around 50 grams of protein.

Must know facts:
– there are ±25 grams of protein in 100 grams of chicken breast;
–  if you want to get 100 grams of cooked chicken breast, you will need to take around 150 grams of raw chicken breast.

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Which sink is the best for the kitchen?

If you are looking for a sink you must be interesting which sink is the best  for your kitchen?

Yes, there are many brands of kitchen sink, like: AmericanStandard, Astracast, BelleForet, Blanco, BootzIndustries, Brasstech, Cantrio, Carlisle, ChefBuddy, Chef’sPlanet, DANCO, Danver, Delta, DesignHouse, ECOSINKS, Elkay, EverLoc, FilamentDesign, Franke, Frigidaire, GlacierBay, GriffinProducts, HouseholdEssentials, HOUZER, Imperial, JosephJoseph, JSGOceana, Karran, KINDRED, KingstonBrass, KOHLER, KRAUS, LyonsIndustries, MOEN, MontBlanc, MUSTEE, Newport, OldDutch, Opella, Pegasus, Polder, Revere, Schon, Simplehuman, Sterling, STERLING, Swan, Swanstone, Symmons, T&amp SBrass, Thermocast, ThompsonTraders, Vigo, WaterCreation, Westbrass, Weston, Whitehaus, WorldImports, YosemiteHomeDecor.

But from so many brands we recommend three of them: FrankeKOHLER and Elkay. We believe in those brands because of their great history and the most important very good quality of the products. We think that it’s TOP 3 brands in kitchen sinks business.

1. Franke. More information about new products you can find here:

2. KOHLER. More information about new products you can find here:

3. Elkay. More information about new products you can find here:

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Two and a Half Men with Ashton Kutcher and without Charlie Sheen

…No Charlie, No party

As we all know in one of the most popular TV series Two and a Half Men we won’t see Charlie Sheen anymore, instead of him they hired famous american actor  Ashton Kutcher.  From 1st to 9th season Charlie Sheen made Two and a Half Men TV series show as premium product in the whole world.

In the 9th season when TV series was on the top of the famous and Charlie Sheen was earning 2 million dollars per show, Chuck Lorre fired him because of drugs, alcohol and non respect for the whole Two and a Half Men team. Yes, the decision he made was right, but the question we have another: Is Ashton Kutcher the right choice in this show?

We think that wasn’t right  choice, because the ratings of the show decreased, it is not so much funny as it was (it is only our opinion), and the most important we have new group of people “Bring back Charlie”.
CBS also sees this and decided that 12th season will be the last. They will have to look up for new tv show instead popular show Two and a Half Men.

Some comments from “Bring back Charlie” crowd:

“Ashton Kutcher is a great actor,but he isn’t the right one to replace Charlie.”

“Yes the show is decent but without charlie and jake its just a different show.”

“Are you kidding me? This is a garbage show without Charlie and Jake! Ashton is an amazing actor, but not for that part.”

“This show was my favorite, now it sucks.”

“No charlie no party.”

“I don’t watch it since “Charlie” left.”

“Not a decent show without Charlie.”

“Bring back CHARLIE SHEEN!”

“Two and a Half has never been the same without Charlie. I quit watching it 15 minutes after the first episode appeared without Charlie.”

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How to treat herpes?

The most common disease from Herpes is for our lips and we want to treat it as soon as it possible. Herpes is a viral disease from the herpesviridae family, it’s divided into two types:

HSV-1 for the mouth, lips, throut, face, eye and central nervous system infections;
HSV-2 for the anogenital infections.

There are many theoretical treatments of herpes for lips as: ice, medical drugs,  honey, toothpaste but with these tips our team didn’t feel so good effect as using Invisible Cold Patch. There are many companies offering Invisible Cold Patches, they are ultra thin so it won’t be visible, also on the Patch there are some special medicine which treats.

Our advices using Invisible Cold Patches:
– when you feel you’ve got Herpes, go buy Invisible Patches and put it on your lips as soon as it possible;
– if your herpes is not very big, use half of patch. Usually this product comes in small circle form patches, cut it into two peaces. Because one circle may be too big for one spot of herpes, the half of circle is perfect, not too big not too small;
– first two days of illness change the patch two times a day. Third day put one Patch till the evening, then put it off and sleep without it. If herpes still there, repeat the third day. It is very important after two and a half days to sleep without Patch, herpes needs to get dry.

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Can’t hear me on voice call (iPhone 5)

I have Iphone 5 and i have the problem with my voice calls. When i speak on Iphone 5 voice call no one can hear me. The only solution is to press Speaker, then it’s ok.

The problems began after last Iphone iOS 8.0 update. It is strange to have phone and to scare do updates. Now my telephone is in the service, still don’t know what is the problem, but after they fix it i will write here.

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Adsense CPC decreased. Solved.

I earn with Adsense from 2007, in 7 years period were many changes in Adsense and it was easy to fix them, but in 2013-14 i noticed that the algorithm of Adsense has totally changed and you need to find absolutely new ways to increase your Adsense CPC and earnings.

There are many reasons why your CPC decreased, but here i will share you tips how i increased my Adsense CPC:

– make responsive web design to your site;
– in Adsense create and show Responsive ads OR at least use most popular formats: 728×90, 336×280, 300×250, 300×600. But in my practise Responsive ad type has won and increased CPC. Read some information about responsive ad units;
– create as many custom channels in Adsense as you have categories (their pages), sections (their pages), later you will have to test all the positions and decide in which section to do changes with ad format, type, color;
– use A/B testing with Adsense Experiments;
– you must know which type of ad is the best for you: text/image, text only, image only. So make a test. I noticed that in some case is better text only in some text/image. You have to test and to know which is the best for you;
– if you use text ads, so there is huge difference between text ads colors. For example, red text color can bring 10 times better CTR than grey color, automatically it brings better CPC;
– better CTR gives better CPC.

Here i wrote the practices i made, which gave me better CPC and more earnings.

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BMW 5 F10 scratched NAV screen problem. Solved.

If you read this article you probably love your BMW, but no one is perfect so BMW also has some problems. Today we will show you how to solve the problem with scratched navigation screen in your BMW.

If you have this problem the BMW retailer will tell you the only way – to change all the screen which will cost around ±2000 EUR. But why to spend this amount of money if you can fix it for ±15 EUR?

I had this problem and i was searching how to solve this problem and found a solution. The solution is to put the ultra-thin film (navigation screen protector) with only 0.2 mm thickness on your navigation screen.

I’ve read a lot about companies who sells screen protectors and found the best – LEXERD. Here is the link for my BMW 5 F10 NAV professional screen protector:
It’s written that its for BMW 750, but perfectly fits for BMW F10 NAV pro.

This problem is not only for BMW 5 F10, but also for new models of X5, 7, 6 and others. So BMW made good car with poor NAV protection.

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If you didn’t leave a 10mm gap to the wall, the laminate can expand

We will show you a very good solution if you forgot to leave a 10mm gap to your wall for your laminate flooring or if you’ve got humidity/water damage and laminate flooring expanded.

Firstly i will show you what can happen if you won’t leave a 10mm gap to the wall or you’ve got some water on your floor.

Yes, it is very bad feeling when you get it, but here is the solution i made. I rented a tool from a local store BOSCH GOP 300 SCE for about 5 EUR per hour and cut the laminate flooring near the wall, here check photo and video of the tool:

Also you can try it to do with BOSCH GWS 24-300 JS (in the description of the product you will see that it’s for stone or metal, but you can easily use it for wood and you will get from 5mm gap).

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